What are beacons?

There is a great article published in May 2007 by Ken Reitz KS4ZR in the magazine Monitoring Times called “Exploring the World of 10 Meter Beacons“.

This article explains why beacons are used and to what purpose they serve the amateur radio community. It was this article and the guidance of Bill Hays WJ5O (former IARU Region 2 Beacon Coordinator) that was most instrumental in my decision to put a beacon station on the air. Bill maintains a current list of beacons here: 10 Meter Beacon List.

28.207 MHz is the frequency assigned to my station. As of January 2018, the current coordinator is Denny Stice WI5V. His website is here: WI5V Beacon Website.

The only other coordinated beacon on this frequency is operated by the ON7RY Radio Club in Binche, Belgium. Their beacon webpage is here: Beacon ON0RY – On Air.

Antenna sites at the ON7RY Radio Club location
Beacons on 28.207 MHz in Burbank, California and Binche, Belgium